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Mediated Spaces

me·di·at·ed, adj. (- t)
Acting through, involving, or dependent on an intervening agency

Mediated Spaces is a MSc of Architecture research project with the aim of exploring spaces of mediation in various scales:
Between the human, the physical and the virtual, between the local environment and the ubiquitous global digital media.
The project is carried out through the making of seven instrumental prototypes, that are testing concepts and experiences in a 1 to 1 scale, and are forming a rhizomatic system, informing each other back and forth. The method has been re-appropriating already existing concepts and technology in a playful way to breed new experiences.

Key concepts:

- Experience: Giving physical qualities to mediated (global) experiences and mediating physical (local) environments, blurring this threshold
- Method: Playful, use and abuse of mass-produced technology, software. Systems thinking, research through design
- Prototype: Testing concepts from our knowledge base reBrain, testing the experience
- Collaborative space: Group work, academic, art and commercial platforms

The expression - giving physical qualities to mediated experiences and mediating physical environments, blurring this threshold - means that electronic media like projections, sound, screens can gain materiality, than it can be embedded into local environments, both spatially and time wise.

While pursuing a personal agenda, many of the prototypes are done in collaboration with others on various platforms. The development is recorded on a website called reBrain. This online library is shared with Kerstin Nigsch, a diploma student from TU-Vienna, and it allows a continuous discussion while working in different cities.

reBrain – the library of thoughts and prototypes
Available online at:

This library contains many discussions, formulated documents, responses from critiques, documentation of prototypes, an open discussion forum, and a continuously reshaped summary about where this work could lead to.

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Mediated Spaces is a MSc of Architecture project by
Adam Somlai-Fischer at the
Architecture + Urban Research Laboratory,
Royal Insititute of Technology,
School of Architecture, Stockholm
Supervisors: Ana Betancour and Peter Hasdell
Course Assistants: Erik Wingquist and Harald Keijer

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© Adam Somlai-Fischer December 27, 2002