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Prototype Installation for Learning Lab
Date 2002 q2
Testing Taking the backpack experience to a communal level
Media 80 m2, 200Mb, Sound showers, lights, Kodály hand signs, solmization
Credits Olivier Frances, German Bender Pulido, Martin Larsson, Adam Somlai-Fischer

The next prototype raises the backpack experience to a communal level. Five sound showers where used that played specific tones and fragments of discussions, in front if corresponding prints of Kodály hand signs for solmization.

The tones you could hear when you observed someone walking by the prints, but the discussion you could only hear when you have walked yourself. This was achieved through hidden sensors in the floor that you stepped on.

The communal experience became interesting, some if the visitors where starting to collaborate, and step in and out together to understand the installation. A social space was created.

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© Adam Somlai-Fischer December 27, 2002