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Prototype Backpack Dance
Date 2002 q2

Biofeedback instrument mediating music to dance. 20 testers personal behavior documented.
Gives physical qualities to music

Media 30*50 cm, 6Kb, Music, Microcontroller, Radio, People
Credits Kerstin Nigsch and Adam Somlai-Fischer, A+Url

The third prototype is called dance backpack. It is a biofeedback instrument, a backpack that turns the dance of the person wearing it into music, so you end up dancing to your own music.

This device has been tested on 20 individuals in Budapest and Vienna.

The design of it is quite simple, with breaking off the amplifier from and old radio, and using a cheap microcontroller(Basic Stamp).

Although 20 different users have tested it, there where no two similar reactions.

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© Adam Somlai-Fischer December 27, 2002