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Prototype Screen Threshold
Date 2002 q1
Testing Giving physical qualities to a mediated entity, blurring the threshold
Media 50*50 cm, 41Kb, Flash, CRT Screen, Deconstructed Mouse, Magnetism, Wind
Credits Adam Somlai-Fischer, A+Url
Link Exhibition:

The idea of connecting something physical to something virtual is tested on a more refined level on the second prototype, where the satellite ended up behind the glass of a screen, where the visitor can physically tease it.

You can blow on the satellite and the wind gets through the glass and hits it. There is also a magnet, which interferes with the technology of the screen and gives color to the otherwise white virtual space.

These interfaces have started giving physical qualities to this virtual entity.

To extend the experience of this prototype, the next aim became to open up this threshold, to get into this space that lies between the physical device and the dance of the satellite.

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© Adam Somlai-Fischer December 27, 2002