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Prototype Remote Home
Date 2002 q4
Testing Mediation of two small architectural spaces. Compound of previous ideas on a communal level.
Media 20m2, 4000Kb, Flash, Mouse, Keyboard, Projection, Sound, Milk, Fabric, Steel, Aluminum,
Credits Tobi Schneidler (project leader), Magnus Jonsson, Adam Somlai-Fischer, Smart Studio, Interactive Institute

The next prototype could be considered as a compound of the previous work in many ways, where parts and results from previous prototypes are brought together. It is called remote home, and tests the mediation of two small architectural spaces into each other. It was set up at the Fisher gallery in Seattle.

The setup of the exhibition: London - Virtual space - Berlin. An old laptop hanging in the middle is running the whole installation using Flash.

The Interactive Lounge Table in London and the Sound Shaft in Berlin - disassembled mouse and keyboard

The Lounge table picks up a responsive media projection that follows its movement and shifts music to the other side when touched.

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© Adam Somlai-Fischer December 27, 2002