Aether Induction House
development page

_editorial images
_general description

Induction House V3 @ ISEA
The Fishing Kit

2004 August

The Installation
_at night
_the venue



_space gun

_frame x

projection surfaces
_triangles on threads
_triangle patterns
_generated triangles
_paper folds

_final setup

media design
_3d projection simulation1
_3d projection sim2
_general updateJ30
_test model

induction House V2 @ pixelache
Distributed Projection Structure

2004 April

The installation
_stockholm test
_basic setup

Physical design


Media design
_control unit
_sound reactive flash

Induction House V1 @ Közben
The Fish Tank

2003 October

Physical design

or developing how to pick up a projection
_deconstructed projection space
_filled projection

_layered pixels 6
_layered pixels 16

_color threads

_spatial loom
_translucent tubes

_pool shadow model
_fine cut bodies

_projection band

_construction drawings 1
_aluminum test model

_band refill
_bars and textile
_shells and drops
_construction in Bcn

Media design

or what to project and how to sense the visitors
_light sensing
_mobile fields

_projected textures
_intelligent textures


The installation

_exhibited in Budapest

_general properties
_animated surface


aether architecture
© August 23, 2004