Exhibition version

Experience - interaction
A glowing body that resembles a structural model of a building. Visitors using mobiles phones can
adjust the color space of the model. The changes in color space follow some responsive patterns,
as an intelligent behavior.

The model is constructed from plexi glass and aluminum. The geometry allows simple planar
cutout parts that have to be bent in one direction.

Inside the base box, there is a computer projector that trough the geometry of the model has
access the all its surface. On the model, small radio sensors are picking up sign of GSM mobile
information and switching computer keyboard data, that is registered by Flash so it adjust
the projected image.

Three main conceptual pillars of the installation are:
-experiencing wireless data, physical data scape, mobile fields.
-deconstruction of the ubiquitous screen (television, monitor, cinema) into a physical entity.
-responsive physical spaces, without using problematic and expensive distributed computing.