Budapest - Chinatown
Ida Kiss, Gergely Kovács, Melinda Matúz

"The only influence can come from the inside, knowing the nature of the structure - that is, keeping its flexibility towards small changes and becoming resistant towards major outer forces."

Sound Spaces
Pierre Foldes, Krisztián Kelner, Tamás Szakál 

"This map, that is constructed of dialogues, noises or even audible thoughts, will create possibilities to understand phenomena otherwise not visible."


Do it yourself!
Attila Nemes

"The masses of these objects represent cheap components, and their use a valuable, new vision, for a number of low-budget development strategies that ultimately concern most city dwellers in the world, and for individuals who are compelled to use DIY means to improve their environment."

The fragments of architecture and the peace of instability
Adam Somlai-Fischer

"We may not be able to build crystal palaces without drafted planning. But then again, we may prefer only the fragments, then paste them ourselves, and instead of following order, we can build it from its elements."

Anita Pozna

"This loose network-type organisation of economic ties based on personal connections appears as a new formula in global economy and concerning the size and production it is absolutely competent with leading Western companies, being even more flexible then the latter, due to its loose structure."

After the economy of place - new territories in architecture
Samu Szemerey

"What impressions do those Eastern cities which expand at explosive speed make on the architecture of Europe, on those cities in which the process seems discernible only through the flow of goods and knowledge?"

Cherries and silence
Barbara Sterk

"What is it like to be outside the media monopoly of the Chinese state? Who do they keep connections with? How many Chinas exist in media space?"

Made in China
Attila Bujdosó

"Today it's possible to import not only architectural design and building materials, but also entire buildings - when will the badge 'Made in China' appear on a house?"

The History of the Transitory
Gergely Salát

"The fact that any buffet of Budapest can easily be taken apart is a consequence of how Chinese civilisation has developed a relation towards its built spaces since the earliest times."

Chinese, Hungarians, Generations, Cities
Zsuzsa Szvetelszky

What is all the same: in which part of the world one strolls its streets: the local Chinatown - in Paris, Berlin etc. - adapts to each city in the eyes of the children.