The architecture of Far Eastern commerce
Gergely Kovács, Ida Kiss, Melinda Matúz




Strolling through Budapest - sites of encounters
photos: Éva Horvát, Gergely Kovács, Gergely Salát



V. Fehérhajó street V. Hercegprímás street

XIV. dist. Mexikói str. Once a Chinese buffet, the signs new removed, and goulash is back on the menu. The interior however remained intact, including the Chinese vases.
XIV. dist. Miskolci street
Buffet and Grill
XIV. dist. Erzsébet királyné avenue

XIV. dist. Nagy Lajos király av. Rabbit Chinese buffet XIV. dist. Nagy Lajos király av.

XV. dist. Nyírpalota str. This is a restaurant in a typical 80's service building. The entrance is covered so the gate sculpture has a second roof. It has not been resized properly - one of the horns perforates the ceiling.

Nine Dragons on Dózsa György avenue, VII. dist.
A popular meeting place for local Chinese.

The Lao Sichuan buffet in VII. dist. István street. An LCD screen was being installed on the wall for the football world cup. After excuses for the mess created with the work, we all regretted China didn't make it into the finals.

Chinese Tasty Buffet Cheap, XV. dist. Kolozsvári str. A discussion with the owner: "Would you mind me taking some photos?" "You like the signs?" "Yes, they are interesting." "Nice, eh?" "Yes, very much. May I also take photos inside?" "That's also nice, isn't it?" "Yes, it's really beautiful."

XIV. dist. Thököly str. The first place where I was asked not to take photos - though I had finished by then.

Momotaro in V. dist. Nádor street. It looks like a Japanese noodle bar, indicated by the lanterns and the sign on the corner. It has replaced the Nimród hunter's restaurant which's design remained intact, including some of the signs outside. Inside there are stuffed deer trophies on the wall with hunting scenes painted on the ceiling. Nevertheless the place is Chinese with and excellent Chinese chef. The Chinese courses are not indicated on the menu but if you ask for anything they are happy to make it for you. It's the meeting place of the local Taiwanese. The modest outside also suggests that instead of attracting passersby the restaurant organises dinners for Far Eastern tourist groups with considerable success. I ate the best sweet pork here once.

Buffet in VII. dist. Király street. The little boy is called Mathew but also has a Chinese name. He is five, goes to a Hungarian kindergarten and speaks both Hungarian and Chinese with an accent.

Chinese buffet, V. dist. Múzeum Blvd. Some places become ice cream bars for the summer.

Hangzhou buffet and Tátika bar, VI. dist. Podmaniczky str.

Chinese fast food and library, VIII. dist. Szentkirályi str.

The Great Wall, V. dist. Nádor street.

The Great Wall, XIV. dist. Ajtósi Dürer av.

The Jolly Chinese, Oktogon.

The Jolly Chinese, V. dist. Bajcsy-Zsilinszky av.





World Cup, local Vietnamese daily, Portugal vs. Iran on the screen.

The Four Tigers overlooked from the neighbouring office complex.



Chinese-Vietnamese service house, opposite the market. It provides services for which Asians trust themselves better than local companies. The house hosts hairdressers, cosmetics, travel agencies, insurance and banking facilities, medical services, gynaecologist and a big food store.

"Oscar" Chinese video store in the house.

Asian food store in the house.



The Temple of Empty Clouds in Rákospalota. An old vernacular family house has been turned into a Buddhist shrine. Panoramic windows were installed in the front walls, some extensions created an arched roof, and non-bearing columns were posted as ornaments. The mythical figures on the rooftop protect the building from fire. These arrived after the tiles so they couldn't be built into the roof structure - finally they were just put there to the corners of the roof, without being fixed.