Cellular sound wall

The Cellular Sound Wall is a huge surface (more than 10m wide and 2m high) divided into several small fields of speakers. The sound collage is constantly moving around these, creating a very strong spatial experience. The audible space is beautiful - giving a completely different yet very clear and intensive experience compared to ordinary stereo systems. Just like the sounds of markets - hidden voices catched by your ears, without any identifiable spatial source. The carrying structure of the speakers is trash recycled from metallic workshops, and the units are made up of 20 speakers. Three units are driven by one amplifier.

The instrument is playing a piece made by Pierre Foldes, after many recordings on the markets and in urban space and exploring the sound patterns of gongs.

The scrapbook has a number of photos from the work in Budapest.

Making amplifiers, unpacking 2500 speakers, endless soldering...


14 meters of sound

The film of the construction (app. 7MB flash movie)