[27.08.2006] We are currently building up the installation in Venice. Check out the first set of photos on the construction in the scrapbook!

[17.08.2006] Besides the detailed description of the pavilion, the first 10 pages of the catalogue are also online. Please find hi-res photos about the work and the installation in the press section. We spent this week (with intensive media presence) finishing the work in Budapest (3000 speakers, 1000 cars... and the rest). During the weekend everything will be packed and put on trucks that leave to Venice on monday. The installation group is leaving next wednesday. From then on we have another two weeks to build up the exhibition. The site will be updated regularly with photos and other information. See you at the opening!

[09.08.2006] Check out the scrapbook for dozens of construction photos and extra readings!

[06.08.2006] The third presentation of the Hungarian Pavilion's installation at the 10th Venice Architecture Biennale will take place in the Museum of Electrotechnics (Budapest, VII. Kazinczy str. 21.) on the 11th Aug, at 11.00. The event will give an insight into the production phase of the re:orient project, presenting the details of the installation with working prototypes. Please download the invitation here (pdf, 426 kbyte).

[July 10th] Website launched! Starting today we will develop the content continuously in the coming weeks, presenting a large amount of documents, projects, essays and downloadable material that form the three pillars of the Hungarian Pavilion's exhibition with the installation and the catalogue. Please visit back soon to find detailed material on this year's theme.