Reorient: The Grand Baldachin

Departing from Reorient, our installation for the 2006 Architecture Biennale in Venice , we have transformed the building of the Hungarian Institute in Paris with material we recycled from the Venice show, and added some new bits and pieces.

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Sound Cell Mussels

1000 small speakers playing a composition made of sound fragments from Budapest’s Chinese markets. Sound travels on the gate’s surface. (Cette structure se constitue de 1000 petites enceintes acoustiques, elles jouent une composition de fragments musicaux enregistrés au Marché Chinois de Budapest. Les sons se déplacent sur la surface de la porte.)

Grand Baldachin

Images of the main hall, with Wired Cars (Filet de petites voitures), Radio Arbour (Radio Parasol), and Glittering Waves (Nuages brillants)


Images of the small room of Were-Rabbits doing electric boogie (Boogie électrique des lapins-garous)

Kinetic skeletons of 40 stuffed animals in a forest of LED tentacles. (Cinétique squelettes de 40 animaux dans un forêt des tentacules LEDs.)


Reorient Paris was created by

Adam Somlai-Fischer
András Kangyal
Anita Pozna
Anna Baróthy
Attila Bujdosó
Attila Nemes
Barbara Sterk
Bengt Sjölén
Gergely Kovács
Ida Kiss
Krisztián Kelner
Melinda Matúz
Melinda Sipos
Pierre Foldes
Szonja Kangyal
Tamas Szakal

Full credits at:

Supported by

Institut hongrois


Opening 2007 Nov 20 Tuesday 7pm, Institut Hongrois, Rue Bonaparte 92 Exhibtion closes 2008 Jan 30.

Opening talk by Jelle Feringa Architect, researcher, EZCT Architecture & Design Research

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