Responsive Octopus Navigation

A virtual structure designed through physical modelling, by informing the virtual with qualities of a physical model. The structure is responsive, it is aware of the visitors presence and redefines its geometry dependent on the visitors position. This structure functions as a navigation system for the website Allende Arquitectos in Madrid.

Construct a line, that is nonlinear. It encodes the whole website, the projects as well as the other fields. The line evolves, complexity emerges from repetition. The line is spatial, experienced in perspective projection that has a content sensitive, dynamic field of view. As the content loads, the experienced space undergoes a transition that seamlessly stitches the two realities together.

The space is built of points and lines. The points carry icons and buttons, the lines are colored and faded. Transparent fields fluxuate around the points to enhance the space with a paradimensional density that is relating to the spatial experience but is not controlled by it. Spatial repetition of a simple double L shape geometry.


This page is being uploaded. In the meantime you can find this project on the old site

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