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Physical pixels

The pixels have different colors on each side, so by rotating they can create fields of color seamlessly morphing into each other. As they sense a set of things from the environment, they can map things like the way people walk, or spatial soundscapes.



See a large image of the PCB

What is inside each pixel
The main defining factors where to be able to run wireless outdoors, and create large scale physical changes.

To achieve this, the pixels use solar panels to get power, and radio transmitters to communicate.

Besides these, there are a set of sensors, a speaker, a motor, rechargeable batteries in each pixel

There are 300 functioning pixels at the moment, with another 100 in the making.

Some of is has been fabricated, but most is hand made, hand assembled by the voluntary sweatshop of your friends.

There are some small fixed being done, at the same time, new shapes and arrangements are being planned.


Pixel production drawings (PDF)
Pixel base CAD drawing
Pixel top CAD drawing
Wireless node PCB Schematics
Wireless node PCB assembly

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