Panoramic Wifi Camera (NTT ICC Tokyo 2009, Transmediale 2010)


Panoramic Wifi Camera creates a live panoramic image of a space seen through Wifi radio and other 2.4 GHz radio signals – how they bounce back form the architecture, composing an image, just as light would do.

However, the ‘light sources’ in this case are laptops, wifi hoptpots, iPhones, and even microwave overs (see the video for more on this).

Panoramic Wifi Camera from Adam Somlai-Fischer on Vimeo.


20 home made directional antenna are placed in a careful array, each at a slightly different angle, to evenly cover a vertical view. This array is than rotated slowly around, scanning the space and building up an image of the space column by column.

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Wifi Camera is an ongoing research project initiated by Bengt Sjölén and Adam Somlai Fischer with Usman Haque

Panoramic Wifi Camera

Curator “Light InSight”: Yukiko Shikata (ICC)
Assistant: Hiroko Myokam (ICC)
Administration: Yoshiaki Takahashi

Production in Tokyo
Setup: Nobuki Shirai and his team of Tokyo Studio Co., Ltd.
Technical Setup: Toku Kitajima (ICC), Hiroshi Kanechiku, Takashi Nishino, Haruhiko Goto, Koji Hirano (ICC),Takahiko Azami
Cooporation: Lily Industry Co., Ltd., Thailand

Production in Budapest
Szakal Bros.


Currently on display

Light in Sight at NTT/ICC, Tokyo

curated by Yukiko Shikata
further credits

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