Interviews / press

WeMakeMoneyNotArt English & Chinese
Mancs [Hungarian]
HVG / Műértő [Hungarian]
Abszolut [Hungarian TV]

8 / 06 Interview in We Make Money Not Art english / chinese
9/06, Abszolut (personal portrait), MTV1 (wmv video, hungarian)

12/05, RTL klub, TV2, about Avenue of Cars
5/05 SVT, Swedish National TV, about Brainmirror
6/05, 8/05, 10/05 MTV, Hungarian National TV

Printed Press
12/05, 4/03, 3/03 Octogon Architecture & Design, Hungary
2/05 Architectural Design, UK, 4DSpace, Induction House
4/05 Indian Architect and Builder, India, Induction House
4/05 INDE magazine, Spain, Induction House
4/04 Open Source Architecture article in Nifca Magazine, Helsinki, Finland
8/04 Inductionhouse in ISEA2004 catalogue, Helsinki, Finland
12/04 Dagens Nyheter – Kultur, Sweden about Inductionhouse
11/03 In the meantime, Anthology on Hungarian Architecutre, Hungary
10/03 Élet és Irodalom about Inductionhouse
5/02 Arkitekten 2002/5, Sweden about Screen Threshold installation

Blogs and Online Press (selected)
Information aesthetics,, Építészfórum, Homegarden, Designboom, Milan,,,, coin-operated,

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