9/2008 Venice Biennale of Architecture, Italian Pavilion, “Experimental Architecture”

4/09 Wifi Camera, Pixelache, Helsinki, FI
12/08 Wifi Camera, ICC, Tokyo, Japan
6/08 Wifi Camera, China New Media Exhibition, Beijing, CN
5/08 Wifi Camera, HMKV Dortmund, DE
3/08 Reconfigurable House 2, Z33, Hasselt, BE
5/07-5/08 Reconfigurable House ICC, Tokyo, Japan
11/07 Reorient at the Hungarian Cultural Center, Paris, France.
10/07 Brainmirror and Wificamera at Forum Monterrey, Mexico
4/07 Aleph, Belsay Hall, UK
9/06 Wifi Camera Obscura, Folly, Lancaster, UK
9/06 Reorient, Venice Biennale of Architecture, Italy
8/06 Wifi Camera Obscura, Waves at Arsenal, Riga, Latvia
8/06 Ping Genius Loci, ISEA2006, San Jose, USA
6/06 Brainmirror, Ludwig museum, Budapest, Hungary
5/06 Distributed Projection Structure, Mixedmedia festival, Milan, Italy
4/06 Ping Genius Loci, Mal au Pixel, Paris, France
12/05 Ping Genius Loci, House of Future, Millenaris Park, Budapest, Hungary
11/05 Brainmirror, Design year, Culture centre, Stockholm, Sweden
10/05 Brainmirror, Matchmaking festival, Trondheim, Norway
04/05 Budapest Heat, Artstars, Luxembourg
9/04 Inductionhouse, Venice Biennale of Architecture
8/04 Inductionhouse, ISEA2004, Helsinki
9/03 Inductionhouse, Kunsthalle Budapest
10/03 Memory Scan at Magasin, with Kerstin Nigsch – TU Vienna, Vienna, Austria
10/02 Remote Home Prototype at Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, USA
11/02 Interspace at Kulturhuset, A+Url, KTH, Stockholm
6/02 5 Tones at Learning Lab, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

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