Aleph Reorganizing Vision

Aleph is an experimental public display, that is using the spaces, people and objects it faces as a palette to display messages from hidden viewpoints. When looking at a small mirror, it reflects a fraction of the space around us, when looking at a mirror façade, it reflects most things around us, containing segments that are dark or bright, red or green. But if we build a matrix of small mirrors, which can adjust their tilt according to the site they are facing, we can create a display that uses the ever changing flux of the place to show images from certain points in space.

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Video documentation at Belsay Hall Watch in HD

Video documentation at Belsay Hall

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Aleph was made by Bengt Sjölén and Adam Somlai-Fischer.

We got help from artists Tamás Szakál, Péter Szakál, Andrea Bernscherer ( to realize the installation.

Project timeline
Opening 2007 May 4th
Construction 2007 March
Prototype testing 2007 January
Technological specification 2006 November
Site visit 2006 Aug
Belsay hall competition won 2006 May
Entering a call for Juha Huskonnen curator 2006 April
Honorary mention at heat of Budapest architectural competition 2006 Feb
First blogs publish 2005 November


Aleph was on display at the Picture House from May 2007 to September 2007, curated by Juha Huskonnen and Judith King.

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in 2006 as part of our “hear of budapest” competition entry Aleph (codenamed Mirage) recieved 3rd prize.

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