Ping Genius Loci

On the Sunny side of New Media

Genius Loci stands for the spirit of the place, a common phrase in architecture for the poetic context, for the cultural reading of a site. Ping, the most basic command in computer networking, is a sort of greeting among computers, if I ping an address, it replies, so we know we can communicate. Ping Genius Loci(PGL) is an architectural installation trying to build a network into the poetics of the place.

PGL is built up from 300 radio networked, solar powered, self sustainable intelligent analogue pixels, that are placed on a 20 by 20 meters grid. These pixels function in the bright sunshine, and are interfacing the people walking in the grid.

PGL is a platform in development, that enables us to try a larger set of possibilities, with different forms, interactive contents.

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Anita Pozna
Bengt Sjölén
Adam Somlai-Fischer


PGL featured at processing exhibition

PGL was accepted to be shown at ISEA2006 Interactive City in San Jose, US

PGL published in cultural section of the daily ‘La Liberation‘ in Paris, Fr

PGL exhibition and workshop at Mal au Pixel, Paris , Fr

PGL published at Interactive Architecture

PGL presented at the GameSet&Match2 conference at TU Delft, NL

PGL published in WMMNA and Infosthetics

PGL exhibited at Millenáris Park, Budapest

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