The Venice Sessions 5

És a kert is elkészült, Nemes Attila főszereplésével film (4,8MB)

I almost forgot - the garden has also been finished, starring Attila Nemes movie (4,8MB)

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The Venice Sessions 4

Kemény hétvége van mögöttünk. Lássuk sorban:

We have had a tough weekend. Let's see where we are:

Elkészült az autófal, ehhez a következőkre volt szükség: 1000 autó, egyenként csomagolás, csupaszolás, ónozás, felcsipeszelés és forrasztás. 50 m kerítés kibontás, felvágás, négyzetméterenként 24 ponton rögzítés. A rendszer külön kábelezését nem is említve... itt az egész munka, filmen (4,8MB)

The wired car wall is ready. This included the following: for each of the 1000 cars - unpacking, wire cleaning, tin adding, fixing on the net, soldering. 50 ms of fence wire - unpacking, cutting, fixing on the wall with 24 pins/sqm. Not to mention the installation of the network cables, Arduinos etc... here's how it went (movie, 4,8MB)


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The Venice Sessions 3

Folyamatosan dolgozunk, fejlődik az installáció...

Continuous construction, the installation is developing...


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The Venice Sessions 2

Két nap építkezés után felkerült az árnyékhullám nagy része, felépült a hangcellafal háttere és növekszik a hangzó felület is. Kiépítettük az elektromos hálózatot és készülnek az elosztók is.

Two days of construction: shading waves have mostly been installed, the cellular sound wall is standing and the sonic surface is growing. We have built the electric network and further elements are being installed.

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The Venice Sessions 1

Megérkeztünk Velencébe és a kiállítás anyagát is eltehertaxiztuk a pavilonba, ahol azonnal neki is álltunk az építkezésnek. A Giardini még elég csendes, a pavilonok egy részében intenzíven dolgoznak, de nagyjából a feléhez még hozzá sem értek.

We have arrived in Venice and the installation materials have also been transferred to the pavilion where building instantly begun. The Giardini is pretty silent, some pavilions are being constructed but about half of the buildings are still closed.

Cover photos

Applicants for cover photos - we wanted dirty, rough images, nothing of the chic designmag attitude. Let's hope it gets through :)


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Sonic wall

Épül a hang-fal is: a hatalmas felületet (több, mint 10m széles és 2m magas lesz) számos mezőre tagoltuk, ezekben mozog majd a hangkollázs, nagyon erőteljes térbeli élményt keltve. Már most, néhány egység felállítása és beüzemelése után is gyönyörűen szólalt meg a rengeteg kis fal - teljesen más hangképet adott, mint egy hagyományos sztereó rendszer, de nagyon tiszta és intenzív élményt keltett. Pont, mint a piacok rejtett hangjai - megcsapják a füledet, de nem tudod, honnan jönnek, milyen tereket rejtenek. A hangfalak háttere lemezgyári hulladék, az egységek a tányérokon láthatók.

The Sonic Wall is also under construction: the huge surface (more than 10m wide and 2m high) was divided into several small fields of speakers. The sound collage will be constantly moving around these, creating a very strong spatial experience. Already now, with only a few units installed, the audible space is beautiful - giving a completely different yet very clear and intensive experience compared to ordinary stereo systems. Just like the sounds of markets - hidden voices caught by your ears, without any identifiable spatial source. The carrying structure of the speakers is trash recycled from metallic workshops, and the units can be seen on the plates. (...)

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LED Lillies

LEDLiliomok, szilikon medúzák...

Cats on wheels - cats in bricks

Avagy hogy készül a macskatégla? Hamarosan négyszázan lesznek...

Progress report

A dobozok érkezése utáni első nap:

1000 kisautót
1000 pingvint (meglepetés: rózsaszínű családok!)

150 pingvint
200 hangszórót


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Pavilion Banner

In the making:

Pattern experiments and final version:

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Home Abroad

Annotations to a qualitative study of media

In a culture of no distances, it makes no difference, in principle, where we live. With satellites, cell phones, palmtops and the Internet, our location has little significance, because we can connect with any other place. In principle. But what if you cannot receive the usual channels – when all you get is called TV2, which has only Hungarian programmes? How to write e-mails to friends left behind at home, when the computer you use does not have Chinese fonts installed?

Those people who collaborated with me on the Biennale project were interested, among other things, in the spaces and objects used by the Chinese community that lives in Hungary temporarily or permanently. How does this colony inhabit the busy or less frequented parts and niches of Budapest? I took a look at a less palpable yet omnipresent fabric, now continuous, now full of gaps and holes. My interest lay in how the media space, created by the many channels of communication, is used by the Chinese living in Hungary. What are the peculiarities that follow from the cultural gap, the technological and social disadvantages? (...)

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Interview fragments


(We meet with Wang, a very beautiful girl, who is fascinated by everything and constantly laughing, in a trendy Budapest café.)

“I don’t feel all that comfortable with speaking Hungarian right now, because I only spoke English in Holland”. (She had just returned from the Netherlands, where she continues the studies she started at a Hungarian university.)

“I spent a year in Eger as an exchange student, but I learnt no Hungarian: I just hung around. But when I went back to Hong Kong, I started missing the place very much, and decided to come back”.

“What did you study in Eger?”

“I went to high school in Eger, and there were Hungarian classes, of course, but we couldn’t be bothered. So I went back to Hong Kong, to work, and stayed there for nine months”.

“What did you do?”

“I was sous-chef in an Italian restaurant. … It is much easier to make money in Hong Kong, so I could come back after a short while. I found another high school, and graduated from there. Then I started to study for a B.A. in English at ELTE, and worked as an interpreter for two and a half years. And I’m a certified fitness trainer, so I did that too. I also worked in a hotel”. (...)

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Presentation @ EASA006


Presentation at EASA006

RE:ORIENT migrating architectures

01 RESEARCH how to cooperate in an interdisciplinary context

  • Budapest - Chinatown
  • Sound Spaces
  • Do it yourself!
  • The fragments of architecture
  • Guanxi
  • After the economy of place
  • Cherries and silence
  • Made in China
  • The history of the transitory
  • Chinese, Hungarians, Generations, Cities

02 INSTALLATION in Venice experiment for building pieces of an alternative contemporary space pinguins, cats, fern, cars, speakers, spirals, ...

how to work with a wider spectrum of media and skills defining spaces how to use innovation, mindmapping, etc


03 MEDIATED SPACES emerging practices for prototyping spaces

# why? social change MAKE, tired of drafted visions

interested in space surrounding our activities, architecture, spaces for the socal constructs

but sociality is achieved increasingly through technological media. Hard to make the spartan old aesthetics of architecture (flash and stone, silence) compatible with modern sociality. Though not looking for silence, but i am also annoyed by mouse-keyboard based friendships. (...)

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Links 1


IKEA with Chinese Characteristics

Fashion-conscious Italians have an eye for designer fakes

Made in China

Backdrop Hides "Made in China" Labels

Chinese Gold Farmers Preview

"THE CHINA SYNDROME – Counterfeit Art Creates Problems" by Barney Davey

Fake or Real?

Kína közel van

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Öltöztetős ház

nyomtatható méretben letölthető itt

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