aether architecture - Teaching

2001 spring - 2003 spring
School of Architecture
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

"Imagination (old/new): A term which today has a totally different, even opposite meaning. The "old imagination" is the ability to make images of (external or internal") circumstances, and the converse ability to recognize these circumstances in the images. In other words: the ability to encode phenomena in two-dimensional symbols and to read these symbols. - The "new imagination" ("Einbildung") means the transcoding of algorithms into images, i.e., the translating of numbers into lines, surfaces, and henceforth into bodies and animated bodies The new imaginists are people who attempt to turn automatic apparatuses against automation."
Vilém Flusser (from

VMaV is a 7.5 etcs credit points course about computer modelling, material mapping, image and animation rendering with 3dStudioMax4, Photoshop
Interactive media design, focusing on presentation and webdesign skills with Flash5, Dreamweaver4

The course consists of weekly lectures about both practical and conceptual issues, and tutorials in the computer laboratory. Students are encouraged to develop skills covered within VMaV using their designstudio projects, which skills will range from visualizations through dynamic presentations to instrumental/physical usage of the computer, and the development of a personal language by using/abusing available software. As a reference you can look at our old Website at where all lectures are available.

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Adam Somlai-Fischer - course director
Jani Kristoffensen, Andreas Ferm - assistants