aether architecture - Further Projects

Nagyszikla 2000

Architectural Design Competition with Peter Kis architect
First prize

Architectural design competition on the rehabilitation
of the artificial mountain in the zoo of Budapest.

The use of the interior of this mountain was already
planned in the original proposal. The pork hair reinforced
concrete skin of the mountain is held by an spectacular
organic concrete structure. The almost half meter wide
beams and arcs seem refill the space arbitrary,
looks like an abandoned religious place somewhere
in a jungle, invaded by the monkeys of the zoo that
lives mainly on the surface of the mountain.
We, absolutely impressed and followed by this particular
feeling were intending to incorporate this vision in the
project. We wanted to find, maintain and mark the
physical characters of this ambient,. trying to construct
a trace through the interior that involve the necessary
functions, but in the same time create a course that
gives to the visitors the experience of discover the
secrets of the space and the structure. The possible
zones for construction were investigated through 3d
modeling, looking for continuous flows, ergonomic
space fragments.

Arial photograph of the artificial montain.

The structure of the montain is fairly chaotic. The level of structural engineering at that time did not allow proper calculations, so the loads are carried by an ad hoc system that grew while constructed.

However, there are some continous viods that leave space for our intervention.

In the massive dome of the montain, we proposed a spiral pathway. By aligning to the non-geometrical dome, we achieve a fossil like attitude.