aether architecture - Satellite Algorithms

Satellite Algorithms
Fictional entity playing complexity science
Adam Somlai-Fischer, A+Url
2001 fall

Project website:

A fictional entity called Satellite was created playing out complexity science concepts. It can generate spaces from various algorithmic behaviors.
To enrich the belief of the existence of these satellites, a physical model of it was created, and a film to illustrate its behavior outside the computer. It is a fictional project based on scientific data.

Extract from the satellite design decisions:
-Satellite loops that force nonlinear behaviours are self-contained, (holistic), emergent.
-Satellites are responsive to their environment, discovering new behaviours over time - they are innovative.
-Information to communicate across the system causes attractor satellites to form.
-The whole is different than the sum of the parts. trignometrical functions are nonlinear.
-Satellite systems contain structures in space and time.
-Each satellite evolves separately, giving a diversity in rule or task space.
-Properties of the satellites are affected by the emergent properties of the whole generation
-Catastrophes will exist
-3 or more satellites may exhibit chaotic dynamics.
-Satellites do not exist in isolation, but are defined only in conjunction with other systems, including that of the observer[designer]. Identify the global optimum.

Images of the physical model - Screenshots of the virtual satellite

Interactive observation of this virtual entity