Collaboration - Remote Home Prototype

Remote Home Prototype
The first remotely shared appartment

Project team:
Tobi Scheidler (project leader)
Magnus Jonsson
Adam Somlai-Fischer

project was developed within the
Smart Studio-Interactive Institute, Stockholm

"The RemoteHome will be one place of living in two distant cities: London and Berlin. Communication and media technologies are creating new scenarios of sharing situations of friendship and intimacy over distance. The rise of the mobile phone or instant messaging is indicating these new cultures"

This installation was exhibited at the Fisher Gallery, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle 10.10.2002

RemoteHome was taken further to a larger scale installation at the Smart Studio in 2003, and was presented at several international exhibitions and conferences (incl DesignMai in Berlin, e-culture fair in Amsterdan, user-mode at Tate Modern, London) For further information on the outcome please visit the project website:

First version

The setup of the exhibition: London - Virtual space - Berlin. An old laptop hanging in the middle is running the whole installation using Flash.

The Lounge table picks up a responsive media projection that follows its movement and shifts music to the other side when touched.

The Interactive Lounge Table in London and the Sound Shaft in Berlin - disassembled mouse and keyboard

Light sensitive keyboard