Collaboration - Malama Learning Center Competition

Malama Learning Center and Nature Conservancy (Kapolei, Hawai)
Péter Hudini
Miguel del Olmo Aparici
Christian Molina
Giovanni Cardone

In the new, master-planned City of Kapolei emerging on the western coast of O'ahu, Hawai'i,The Nature Conservancy and the new Kapolei High School are launching an ambitious program to design and build a dynamic learning center. The dual purpose Center will serve as a primer cultural gathering place for the 10-year-old e-City and be an innovative model for sustainable building design in Hawai'i.

Named the Malama Learning Center (malama: to take care of, to preserve), the sponsors envision a "placemaker" building that will be a three-dimensional text book and a living laboratory for advancing conservation and celebrating the natural and cultural heritage of Hawai'i through the performing and visual arts.

In our proposal the creation of a landscape was fundamental for the design. For climatic considerations, and for functional reasons too. We have created two outdoor plaza in which pupil can circulate, play and hangout. It is desired to create a relationship between landscape and the act of spaces.

The buildings are elevated landscape elements that allow for a flow of air. Creating an ideal natural ventilation system, together with the constant winds and the constructed ventilation courts of the buildings. For natural cooling purposes the facades facing direct sunlight are covered with an ancient light shading technic.

Our aim is to create a tropical school garden, a complex natural environment an exciting space for a natural way of education.
The circulation is based on a centralized organization. The large main lobby is the hub of the whole complex. Serves as exhibition space, forecourt for the performance hall, direct access to the large conference room. The high school is divided into pavillions connected by an outdoor - indoor roof.
The separation of the program reenforces the individuality thought, plant for the different functions.

perspective view


site plan

southern elevation

eastern elevation