aether architecture - aether induction house

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Aether induction house
is an architecture prototype looking into ways of treating digital media as physical matter.

The surface of a computer projection is unfolded onto a translucent structure, becoming a spatial experience for the visitors. Layers of digital information, behavior and ambience are sharing projection territories, and creating a vision for a non-screen based computer environment.

This enhanced physical space serves as a test bed for creating a
blend between architectural and new media designs.

Process and venues
This project is an ongoing research and development process where we hope to explore some pressing issues that architecture is facing today with the advance of new technologies into the social realms. Exhibitions are used as a test bed for later evaluation, how certain issues and spatialities are responded to by visitors and the professional discourse.

Induction house (version1) was first exhibited at Mücsarnok (Kunsthalle Budapest) within the Közben show about contemporary Hungarian Architecture in October 2003.

Distributed projection space nr1, an installation exploring precision projections, initial concepts for induction house, will be shown at pixelACHE festival at Kiasma, Helsinki, 2004 April.

To reach a larger, human scale installation, we are developing V2 for the ISEA2004 conference also in Helsinki, 2004 August.

Physical development images

click here for the website with extensive documentation of the development process of aether induction house

Initial conceptual model - deconstructing the space of a projection. The white threads represent the rays of light.

Early concept models, following the rule of the previous image, lightrays define each point, no overlaps allowed.

The setup for the exhibtion version: projection from below, computer, and sensors for electromagnetic waves and light / hands of visitors.

The sensory input was interfaced by a microcontroller clicking Morse signals on a USB mouse, which was also turned into sound output.

Images from the opening, Kunsthalle Budapest 3.10.2003

flash6 movie, 10Mb

Illustration of possible future version

Ditigal texture development images

screenshots of the intelligent texture

Construction images

Unrolled aluminum parts

Final construction of structural elements in Barcelona from steel

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