Collaboration - Tour de School

Tour de School

A virtual building with the aim of introducing and promoting the School of Architecture, at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Project team:

Jonas Öquist
concept design, usability engineering

Adam Somlai-Fischer
concept design, 3d, flash programming

David Valldeby
concept design, graphic design

Project launched April 2003

We have used an abstracted model of the actual school building to introduce the various facilities and venues the institution offers.

The 3d model coordinates are generated from a modeling program while flash calculates the perspective projection, and gives scripted sensitivity to the geometry so that the building responds to the visitors presence.

Try the 3d flash model here. The top right navigation tool allows you to freely fly around, upon leaving the building it inverts itself.

The virtual building opens itself and fades into wireframe when it presents the photographic images.

These are always visible fields of continuation that the visitor doesn't have to fly back to the aerial view. One can travel trough the whole space in a nonlinear manner.