aether architecutre - Collaborations

Collaborations and platforms
Our work is often produced on various platforms, in different collaborations. While these people and places are noted in the respective project pages, we would like to list here all the people that we had the pleasure to work with in various setups.

collaborated with us

Induction House V4- Bengt Sjölén
Budapest heat - Poór Dénes

Induction - Bengt Sjölén
IRL hacking - Alexa Zsolt, Bernard Bea, Dévényi Marci, Rabb Donát, Schreck Ákos
E3 & Aticas - Abraham Espinoza
Interaction Hacking - Jonas Öquist
Reality interface - Loove Broms
Media Embodiment - Pablo Miranda

Fractals cells - Danil Lundback

Learning Lab - Olivier Frances, German Bender Pulido, Martin Larsson

we joined for projects with

Brain mirror - Danil Lundback, Bengt Sjölén
Low tech sensors and actuators - Usman Haque
A + Url - Ana Betancour(course director), Loove Broms

Kinetic Shadows - Margot Jacobs, Ramia Mazé, Tobi Schneidler
Open source architecture performance - Usman Haque, Margot Jacobs, Andrew Paterson, Ophra Wolf
Avesta Meta.L.Hyttan - Smart Studio

Remote Home - Tobi Schneidler, Smart Studio, Loove Broms
KTH Arkitektur new website - Jonas Öquist, David Valldeby
Malama Learning Center - Miguel del Olmo Aparici, Christian Molina, Giovanni Cardone
Memory Scan - Kerstin Nigsch
Dance Backpack - Kerstin Nigsch

A+Url - Ana Betancour(course director) Harald Keijer, Erik Wingquist, David Valldeby
Poiesis of Spaces - Pablo Miranda Carranza, Maria Sigeman

Shadow of the Canary - Kerstin Nigsch