aether architecture-Distributed Projection Structure

Distributed Projection Structure is an architecture prototype where physical matter is animated by algorithmic light. Testing the limits of architectural constructions reaching the precision and resolution of media as well as how much media can become actual, and directly interact with our bodies. The project is part of an ongoing research and development process (alongside with ‘induction house', see below) where we hope to explore some pressing issues that architecture is facing today with the advance of new technologies into the social realms.

Distributed Projection Structure was shown the first time at the Pixelache festival, 1.4.04-4.4.04 in Kiasma, Helsinki

more info on the development website:

Click here to see images of the final setup at the
Pixelache festival exhibition

300 physical pixels are picking up the projection,distributed according to a carefully engineered geometry ->

so the all elements are picking up all the light while not casting shadows on each other.

Film shot at the pikseliÄHKY festival and the travel before.
The sound is the sensor feedback and mouse-morse communication of the installation.

Projected fields moving in real 3d space; along the light,

emerging from the ground, and sweeping across the structure.

Front, Top and projector views

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