aether architecture-Budapest Heat

Budapest Heat - Sharing the temperature of Budapest

Adam Somlai-Fischer - Aether Architecture; with Dénes Poór
Curator: Lívia Páldi

Playing upon the misconception of temperature related cultural differences Budapest Heat dislocates the weather from Budapest to the exhibition's current location.

While roaming in Europe, Budapest Heat regularly receives SMS messages to stay updated on the current temperature in Budapest, than tries to apply this temperate to its local environment.

Creating the presence of a remote place beyond vision and sound, Budapest Heat is testing how to extend telecommunication towards tactile connections to the projects ever changing locations.

To translate this result into visual presence, Budapest Heat is painted with temperature sensitive paint, creating a dynamically transforming object.

Exhibition opening and vernissage
March 4, 2005, Le Centre Culturel de rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster, Luxembourg

Budapest Heat is a part of Art Stars the project, where it represents Hungary alongsinde with other 25 EU artists representing their respective countries. Budapest Heat will be exhibited in the 25 EU countries in 2005-2006

This Project was generously supported with thermochromic pigments by Chromazone, UK

Conception drawing fo the heat fields and vents

Film showing the color changing paint and control systems, 5Mb

The heated air is coming out on aluminum vents, resembling airport air condinioners.

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